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do you franchise?

Currently we do not franchise our business. Mulliri stores are fully owned and managed by the parent corporation Mulliri i Vjeter Sh.p.k. Mulliri Vjeter and Mulliri brands are owned and trademarked by Mulliri i Vjeter Sh.p.k and cannot be used by other businesses.

How can i apply for a job?

Please send your resume, headshot, and the job position you are applying for via e-mail at We will reach out to you if you are a match for the position.

Nëse përzgjidheni nga stafi ynë, do të kontaktoheni me anën e një e-maili ose nëpërmjet numrit tuaj të telefonit për të dhënë intervistë pranë zyrave tona. (Click here

How long will it take for your response after I submit the application?

Your application will be reviewed within a few days, but we will only reach out to you if you are a match for the position.

what types of capsules are available?

We offer single-serving FAP capsules, compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point machines.

What types of pods are available?

We offer single-serving E.S.E coffee pods (44mm, 7gr - each).

How do i store my coffee properly?

Air and humidity are coffee’s worst enemies. If coffee is left to sit for too long, it will lose the distinctive aroma that sets apart a freshly roasted coffee. We recommend storing your coffee in an air-tight container at room temperature.

Can i store coffee in the freezer to maintain freshness and aroma for a long time?

Storing coffee in the freezer is not recommended as it creates moisture. While it is advised to store coffee in a dry place at room temperature, the fridge fails at keeping away moisture, which is coffee's main enemy.

Are your stores pet-friendly?

Pets are currently not allowed inside our stores.

Who should I contact for donation requests or sponsorship/partnership inquiries?

For sponsor or partnership inquiries, please send an e-mail at:, specifying:

  • Date and length of the event
  • Type of inquiry/event: Is it a sponsorship or a participation as a partner?
  • Contact information (include phone number)
  • Event summary: Cause, parties involved, organization, location, estimated attendance, etc.

Where can I see your full menu?

To see our full menu, please click here.

What is the difference between a single-origin coffee and a coffee blend?

  • A coffee blend is a mixture of two, three, and sometimes four different coffees from various origins around the world to create a balanced taste for all parts of the palate. The mixture is standard and it preserves the taste and aroma even after milk is added.
  • A single-origin coffee comes from one certain region. It is recommended to be consumed without milk in order to fully enjoy its characteristics.

Why does my coffee taste bad?

The taste of coffee may change for several reasons.

  • You may be using old coffee beans. The fresher the coffee beans, the better the taste.
  • The taste also depends on the quality of the water and coffee beans. Clean your coffee machine on a regular basis. You must clean your coffee machine every 40-80 days.
  • Storage conditions – Coffee must be stored in an air-tight container at room temperature.
  • Grind size – Use medium grind for espresso and fine grind for cappuccino.

Do you sell coffee machines?

Currently we only sell the Spinel Ciao Red ESE Coffee Pod Machine (single-serving pod). Visit our stores to order.